Horse Intubation

Hello there. In this video, we show you the endotracheal intubation technique in a horse and some tips you should know about it. This technique is a bit different from that in the dog or cat. In the horse, we do "blind intubation" once it is impossible to see the horse's glottis.

Thus, after anaesthetic induction, we put the horse's head in a 180-degree angle to the neck. We put a piece of plastic or wood to keep its mouth open and start to introduce a 22-30mm endotracheal tube. It is recommended to grease the tube with lidocaine gel. We must insert the tube slowly to avoid any glottis damage. When getting there, we press the laryngeal region to keep the glottis open, and then, go the tube through the trachea with slow circular movements. Obviously, this technique is quite tricky, comparing to the dog or cat, but it becomes easier with practice!

Go to the video to watch how to do it!

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