The History of Anaesthesia - Anaesthesia Unravelled #1

The Anaesthesia Unravelled Course begins by telling us about the History of Anesthesiology. The first reports of the use of something that could relieve pain dates back to 4000 BC, when the Sumerians used opium for this very purpose. However, until the middle ages, the surgeries were performed in the absence of anaesthesia.

Everything changed in 1844, with the dentist Horace Wells, who gained notoriety with the administration of nitrous oxide in his patients. Invited to demonstrate his procedure at Massachusetts General Hospital, the act went awry and he was humiliated. Years later, in 1846, William Thomas Green Morton performed a similar demonstration, in the same place. This time, however, he administered ether to the patient, who underwent surgery for the removal of a cervical tumour, without feeling any pain. This episode got known as "The discovery of anaesthesia"! Since then, anaesthesia has been developing at a fast pace, as has veterinary anaesthesia, which goes hand-in-hand. Watch this video to check out more!

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